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Our mission is to offer a one-stop facility for all off-road auto servicing needs. In addition,  Jeepherder caters to the off road community through custom fabrication and installation of aftermarket support products.

         After Market Installation



We have allied with great companies throughout the country to get you the parts you desire.

Below are just a few of the services/parts we offer to build the rig of your dreams:

- CB systems

- Axel Re-gear

- Driveshafts

- Lift Kits

- Skid Plates Systems

- if you need it installed and it is not listed, call or message us.


We specialize in routine vehicle maintenance, off road vehicle maintenance and customization.  Jeepherder 4x4 is focused on obtaining high customer satisfaction by allying customer confidence and assurance. 


We look to achieve this through extensive knowledge in the automotive and off road industry. As well as maintaining a friendly/creative work environment that respects diversity, ideas, and hard work.


Working in the automotive industry, and in particular with off road enthusiasts, is our life blood.  We are the happiest when we can interact with clients and meet their vehicle maintenance,  design and customization needs.


      All Models

Off-road enthusiasts include those who own a 4x4 vehicle.  This includes Jeep, Toyota and Land Cruiser models as well as any other 4x4 vehicle. 


We specialize in off-road vehicle repair and modification for ANY Vehicle (not just Jeeps as our namesake suggests we love Toyota's also).

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